How are we doing?

All food handlers in San Diego County are required by County Code to have a valid food handler card.  When conducting inspections, Environmental Health Specialists verify that employees have valid food safety training.  Having trained and knowledgeable food handlers reduces the risk of foodborne illnesses. On average, over 90% of inspections verify food handlers have passed a San Diego County approved food safety program.

How is this measured?

This measure reflects the number of food handler violations noted per inspection and is calculated as a percentage of  inspections without violation per the total number of inspections conducted monthly.

Why is this important?

The foundation of food safety begins with properly trained staff. Staff who knows how to safely handle food is key in the prevention of foodborne illness.  The food handler certification ensures all food handlers have the required food safety training, knowledge, and understanding needed to reduce the incidence of foodborne illness.  To find out more about food handler requirements visit the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health Food Program website.

Where are we going?

By monitoring food handler compliance, the County is able to work with food facilities and industry to not only gain compliance but to emphasize the importance of food handler training and to gain compliance to ensure safe food. 
By monitoring food handler compliance, the County Department of Environmental Health is able to work with food facilities and industry to emphasize the importance of food handler training to ensure safe food and gain compliance.

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