How are we doing?

We operate ten ambient air monitoring stations where emission monitoring equipment measures air quality continuously.  As required by federal regulations equipment must go off line for calibrations 2-3 hours each night to ensure analyzers maintain accuracy. When on line the we provide data over 98% of the time as shown above.  

Why is this important?

Providing air quality data enables the public to make informed decisions about whether to participate in outdoor activities safely and to plan for outdoor events for the following day.   This data also provides researchers with valid, scientific information in which to make informed decisions.

Where are we going?

The federal government is requiring us to operate additional monitoring sites and equipment.  In addition, they are implementing stricter quality control requirements.  Both of these developments will place additional pressure on keeping analytical equipment on line and providing data.  We are committed to providing data to our customers.

How is this goal measured?

We collect the majority of the data electronically which is then reviewed for accuracy and submitted to state and federal agencies.  Some data must be collected on filters and brought back to our laboratory for analysis, reviewed for accuracy and submitted to state and federal agencies.

A Brief Video About Us

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