How are we doing?

San Diego County has the cleanest air on record.  Despite a significant increase in population and vehicle miles traveled, air quality has continually improved for decades.  While the air quality has greatly improved the County strives for further progress.  We continue to work with industrial sources to minimize emissions and we recently increased collaboration with the State of California on reducing mobile source emissions.   We are committed to reducing air pollution levels and increased healthy air days.

Where are we going?

San Diego County has achieved and maintained all the standards except for ozone.  The pollutants responsible for ozone have decreased dramatically as shown in the graph above.  We are close to achieving the ozone standard and expect to reach attainment in the next few years.  We are committed to having the cleanest air possible for all San Diego County residents.

Why is this important?

Air pollution at unhealthy levels can cause health issues including cardiovascular and respiratory ailments; nose, throat, eye and chest irritation; and exacerbate asthma conditions.  When air quality is poor the public cannot fully enjoy outdoor activities.  Finally, there is an aesthetic value to having clear, blue skies so as to fully enjoy being outside.

The Public Doing Their Part

We all can do our part to reduce air pollution and increase the number of healthy air days.  Through our driving and use of consumer products, we are responsible for several tons of air pollution daily.  By implementing one or more of the tips shown below, we can do our part in reducing air pollution and live well. 

How is this measured?

We are responsible for preparing air emissions inventory reports for facilities annually, biennially, or once every four years depending on state regulations and our policies. The emissions included in an inventory are typically from stationary emitting devices located at regulated facilities. We provide emission calculation procedures on how to quantify emissions from various devices.

A brief video about us

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