How are we doing?

State law allows agencies 30 days to deem applications complete, but we are determined to surpass this limit.  An application is deemed complete when we receive all information necessary for processing. Since July 1, 2017, the time required to deem applications complete has decreased.  We have achieved this goal on average but some determinations have taken longer.  We are committed to surpassing this goal on all applications received.

Why is this important?

Our approval is required before a business can commence construction and operation of equipment that causes air pollution. We realize the importance of timely action as it allows the company to realize their business goals promptly.

Where are we going?

In order to reach our goal, we are making significant organizational changes, improving efficiency, and making the permit application process simpler for our customers.  We have developed online forms for our customers that allow for prompt submittal, continue to make improvements to computer programs, and implemented a more efficient method of distributing workload amongst staff.

How is this measured?

The day an application is received a timer starts.  A computer program tracks the time and alerts staff to the 20-day deadline.  Currently the report must be run manually, but we are developing automated alerts to ensure timely processing.  The number of applications will affect time frames month to month, however we are committed to providing ever improving customer service.

A Brief Video About Us

For more information about submitting an application or general  air quality information visit our website at: