Staff will maintain airports infrastructure to maximize availability for emergency first responders (Aerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agency ASTREA; Air Ambulance; CalFire; etc.) during a broad range of regional emergencies and natural disasters.  At the five largest County airport facilities (total of 7 runways at Palomar, Gillespie, Ramona, Fallbrook & Borrego), the objective is to maintain a combined runway availability rate at or above 95% (using FAA Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) data).

Why are we measuring this?

Staff’s role is to operate airport facilities, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  A simple indication on how well we do this is to track the number of hours our seven primary runways are available for the public to use.

What is the outcome we are trying to drive?

To achieve the highest level of runway availability and therefore customer service while conducting maintenance, construction and emergency responses on our airports.

How will we be able to tell if we are better off?

Tracked monthly, the percentage rate will give us a clear indication of our performance.

How is this measure driving our operational performance?

By tracking the actual availability of our facilities, across our system, we have better visibility on the impacts of our maintenance and construction planning and maintain awareness within our team as to the importance of efficiently managing emergency responses to restore safe operations at our facilities.