How are we doing?

State law provides agencies 180 days to finalize permit decisions, but we are committed to completing assignments in under 60 days.  Some projects have public noticing requirements and other constraints that make meeting the 60-day goal impossible.  Since July 1, 2016 we have decreased the time needed to finalize permit decisions.  While we have not continuously met our goal we constantly work towards improvement.  We are committed to reaching and exceeding this goal.

Why is this important?

Our approval is required before a business can commence construction and operation of proposed equipment.  We realize the importance of timely action as it allows the company to realize their business goals.  Throughout the process we work closely with the applicant to insure a smooth and transparent process.

Where are we going?

In order to reach our goal, we are making significant organizational changes, improving efficiency, and making the permit application process simpler for our customers.  We have developed online forms that allow for quicker submittal for our customers, have made improvements to computer programs, and implemented a more efficient method of distributing the workload.

How is this measured?

The day an application is received a timer is activated.  As the 60-day deadline approaches, a computer-generated report provides staff updates and tracks progress.  Currently the report is manually generated, however we are working on an automated process to ensure prompt action.  Additionally, we are developing an online program that allows customers to determine the status of their application 24/7.  The number of applications being processed will affect time frames month to month, however we are committed to providing ever improving customer service.

A Brief Video About Us

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