Why is this important?

Urban runoff can transport pollution to our creeks. Our goal is to improve water quality by reducing human-caused sources of urban runoff during dry weather conditions. 

How will we be able to tell if we are better off?

Urban runoff can transport pollutants to our storm drains, which are not treated before reaching creeks, rivers, and the ocean.  Over time, reductions in the volume of untreated urban runoff reaching our storm drains should be reflected in less pollution measured in these receiving waters. 
Where are we going?
Implement an action plan focused on eliminating dry weather flows from priority storm drains.  The Action Plan includes:
• Inspections of residential neighborhoods to identify and address irrigation runoff
•Inspections at commercial and industrial facilities
•Coordination with landscaping contractors and water district staff to address landscape irrigation runoff from commercial and HOA common areas
•Identification of potential impacts associated with discharges from water agency storage ponds and tanks